Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, March 11, 2011

There are reports emerging of illegal digging on the West Bank

In the area of birket habu people tried to digg but were discovered early and dealt with (but without police - whatever that means). There is not specific date reported.

In Kom es-Samak a man was digging illegaly at night and was discovered by the gafirs. Because there was no police anywhere they dealt with him on their own, beating him badly. Our member went there on march 9th to lokk for himself and counted about 10 holes at the souther side of Kom es-Samak. He thinks the man was in search for foundation deposits. I will try to get some pictures from the damage.

The police returned to the coptic monastry at westbank is to guard it. It seems to be ok.
There is no independent verification but the report was made by a regular member of the German forum where this was posred.  Separately, the Luxor Times has reported that two residents of Luxor have been arrested in Hurghada for attempting to sell a statue:

At the check point in the entrance of Hurghada, two persons tried to turn around and run away so the Army officer chased and stopped them before he searched their car where he found a Pharaonic statue of a woman sitting on the throne covered in dust in sack.
I will update these on to the Looting Database before the end of the day - but they are already there in the comments.  My huge thanks for Daniel Jackson for reporting these to the Looting Database.


Anonymous said...

Kate cant seem to find the comments re The Western Valley excavations, have you taken them off daveh

Kate Phizackerley said...

Dave, I thought the photo was labelled as Tomb of Ay but that was the group it was in – the photo itself was KV8. As it dates to 2008, I decided it was least confusing if I removed it. Sorry - Kate

Anonymous said...

I will let you off Kate, Daveh


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