Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amy Calvert from Art of Counting has kindly provided this image (© Amy Calvert) of the fan in the Egyptian Museum before it was stolen.  At least we believe this is the fan because it is not identical to the fan in the SCA catalogoe of missing items. I am guessing this is the other side to that photo, but somebody might know for certain.  I've uploaded a hi-res image so click on it to see the image in greater detail.  My thanks to Amy.

Stolen Tutankhamun Fan (JE 62006)

I am considering creating an online database of photographs of the missing items to which people can contribute.  I would be interested what people think about that.  It would tie in with something that Andie and I are planning, so I couldn't launch it for 6 weeks or so in a structured form.  (For instance, we want people to be able to see just the Amarna items which were stolen.)  In the meantime, if anybody has photos they would like to share I am very happy to host them and advertise them here.   I would assume that any image contributed could be picked up if somebody like Penn decide to do a revised red list with better images. I will copy them into our database when it is ready. 

(Amy sent me a picture of one of the other fans as well.  If anybody has fan pictures, I would welcome those too as I am still trying to validate which fans were shown in some of the video footage from inside the museum.)


Anonymous said...

Penn is already working on such a database, so a duplicate would be a waste of your time.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thank you. Great news.

Patrick said...

According to the Talking Pyramids website. three people have been arrested in Cairo in possession of 12 of the objects stolen from the museum, but it's not clear which they are.

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