Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I want to get this out quickly, I have only quickly scannned the document myself, so no commentary.


Anonymous said...

Very sad. Yet another Tut statue and several more Amarna pieces. At least the late period objects are not from the royal tombs at Tanis, as some feared. Martin.

Geoff Carter said...

Absolutely shocking.
I am also somewhat surprised by the quality of the documentation; some very poor images of what are quite important display items.

tim said...

Shocking the thefts almost as shocking as the records the museum has kept. A disgrace for the Cairo museum.

Where have the museums revenues gone?

Stuart Tyler said...

The items are all strikingly similar to me in one very obvious way. All items are very sale-able on the black market. Small objects mainly, which can easily be disguised in transit.

Items easily recognizable as Ancient Egyptian (for the most part)and few items which set off the inevitable alarm bells to many. By this i mean- lets say the Tut mask was stolen- how long do you think it would have taken to notice - minutes? seconds?

These items may have been taken by opportunists- but i have an inkling that the level of organizing these particular types of items to be done by someone who has a working knowledge of antiquities based on the likeness to the 2 robberies in Tuts tomb in the VOK. Many pricey items were left (larger,harder to disguise and sell), many smaller and much more worthless were stolen- because the thieves knew they could get away with these undetected.

I am not trying to start conspiracies - but i find it hard to believe all the thieves were opportunists who know little of Egyptian antiquities. Surely those were the guys emptying the gift shop of worthless items?

Please correct me if you feel i am way off the mark - these are my initial thoughts though.


Anonymous said...

SCA has reported that there is a
total of 54 items missing from the Cairo Museum.
As all had to have their glass cases smashed, there is no
way that Z Hawass could not have known about them when he visited the museum. The greatest shame, is that taken is another statue of Tutankhamun, his fan and unique trumpet as well as heads of the Princesses.
These will by now be safely in private collections in Asia/Middle East. In 2004 Tark el-Siwaissi of the National Democratic Party was arrested for amassing
LE33 million from sales of stolen antiquities after bribing officials to appoint him to the Giza area where he could have access to antiquities officials in the SCA who would help him conduct his illicit smuggling. KMTScribe

Anonymous said...

To be honest i am furious at the SCA for failing to protect the antiquities and i dont really expect they will do much better in the future. I hope that this settles for ever the issue of priceless antiquities being returned to Egypt and i hope that whichever private collection these antiquities are in they will be better protected and treated with respect than they ever were in the cairo museum.

Thutmose said...

I agree with Geoff, it is very surprising that there were such poor quality images in that document. I have much better photos of the Yuya/Thuya ushabti figures from the shots I took when photos were allowed in the museum.

I was wondering about the fan that is missing as well. I know that one fan was in the initial video that was seen. Is that the same one which is now listed as missing? If so, there would have been multiple robberies and that has not been reported as far as I know.


Anonymous said...

It was recently reported by a Tunisian National Museum official that the ruling Ben Ali family pillaged and looted museum treasure's at will for display in their own family homes.

Would Egypt's powerful Mubarak family (or close cronies) have behaved any differently when they were in absolute power? They appear to have ruled in such autocratic style that they seem to have come to have regarded Egypt as their own personal fiefdom. So much so that plans were already in place for the son's dynastic rulership.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I was wondering too whether the fan in the video is now reported missing. On balance, I think they ate different fans but I've just been offered pictures so I will look at those. The video shows at least two fans, maybe three. All in different places.

What is special about the one fan which was taken? Why were other gold fans handled then discarded? Is that random?

Kate Phizackerley said...

At least on of the Yuya ushabti photos was taken through the glass and is clearly a crop from a tourist photo.

Patrick said...

Why is everything connected with Hawass always so confusing and unsatisfactory? - and I am not just referring to events of the last few months.
In the meantime, he is billed to address UNESCO (in representation of who?).

Thutmose said...

Reports are out saying that 12 of the objects have been recovered. I really hope that is indeed the case!



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