Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, March 21, 2011

The Egyptian Museum and SCA have issued a revised inventory of missing items, which has removed the 12 recovered items and has improved photographs and inventory details for the items which are still missing.

There are a couple of conclusions which can be drawn from the 12 recovered items:

  1.  Items similar to those recovered are still missing, probably from the same cabinets.
  2. The items recovered are generally the lower value items and do not include any of the Amarna / Tutankhamun / Yuya + Thuya pieces.
 I am coming to the view suggested by Paul Barford that there were at least two separate groups of thieves operating within the museum and that one group used the chaos to loot some premier items.  CCTV footage is going to be vital as Paul states on his blog.



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