Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, April 16, 2011

For several months, Andie Byrnes and I have been working on our new site.  The first two sections are now publicly available:

Egyptological –  journal, magazine, photo albums, discussions etc
Hieropaedia – The World of Hieroglyphs has been re-launched

We have initial, sample articles on Egyptological, but we hope that other people will contribute articles as well.  We intend to publish the magazine and journal sections every 2 to 3 months; less formal, shorter articles will be posted whenever they are ready.  We aim to support people who know their subject but have little experience of publishing articles, or students of Egyptology looking to establish a reputation and presence .  As well as articles, we would welcome volunteers to help - or just donations to help with hosting charges.  Further sections of the site are planned over coming months.  Our intention – hope – is a large site of quality material about ancient Egypt. 

I have also been busy with my hieroglyph plugins – re writing the code from scratch again!  This time I am happy with the parsing method, but I want to improve the standard of the code before I make the new version available to download for use on other sites.  Underneath the engine, the new version is lighter and faster.  I will write an article on displaying hieroglyphs as none of the material I could find was particularly helpful.   For writers, it means that we offer a fairly full implementation of the Manuel de Codage – and I will work on adding the rest over the new few months.  The User Guide gives a good flavour of its capabilities.  Uniquely, hieroglyphs are also available in comments.  So if you are discussing an inscription, you can drop sign codes into the comment within [hieroglyph] … [/hieroglyph] tags and it will display the actual hieroglyphs in the published comment.   As soon as I can, I will add a sandbox for people to check their entry before they post a comment. Over the coming months, we hope we can teach people about hieroglyphs as well as offering somewhere for more studious discussions of inscriptions.

We hope to see you at Egyptological but don't worry, it is an addition not a replacement for News from the Valley of the Kings.


s stockwell said...

Amazing format! congratulations! This will bring so much together from many places. Ancient Egypt is a global heritage open to all and this will facilitate that so well. Great work Kate & Andie

tim said...

Looks great Kate congratulations!

Anonymous said...

That you very much. It looks great and makes a great read.

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