Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

With the bronze trumpet from Tutankhamun's Valley of the Kings tomb in the news, Christine Finn has caught the moment and recorded a BBC radio documentary on the music of ancient instruments.

Christine hears an account of the 1939 recording from Peter Tappern, son of the original bandsman, himself a professional trumpeter. And from archive of Rex Keating, who recorded the event for the BBC in Cairo.
The documentary also looks at other ancient instruments:
Christine also considers how archaeology has revealed other 'ghost music'. Richard Dumbrill talks about his reconstruction of the Silver Lyre of Ur, discovered by Leonard Woolley in modern-day Iraq around the same time that Howard Carter was excavating Tutenkhamun's tomb.
If you are interested, the full programme details are on the BBC site ahead of broadcast on Tuesday 19th April.  I would expect the recording to be available online within Europe for a week or so after that.


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