Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, April 16, 2011

Apparently Zahi is launcing a new clothing line and set up a photoshoot to promote it.  You can see it here in the Google cache.  The original article seems to have vanished.  Maybe because that has stirred up something of a storm?  For instance here is what Zienobia had to say about it.  I'm not going to comment either way - but since she was kind enough to promote the Egyptological Looting Database I thought I should return the favour.  Whatever, I do feel significant disquiet about Egyptian national treasures being used to promote Zahi's clothing line. I am unaware of any other similar use - and I assume brands like Cartier would have paid handsomely for such an opportunity. It is worth recalling the line Zahi took in 2007 when promoting the new law which effected the photo ban.  An excerpt from National Geographic at the time sets the scene:

Lawyers who drafted the bill also said they plan to seek royalties from those who use images of antiquities commercially in photography, television, and movies—but not those images used for educational purposes.
Funds generated by the proposed law would go toward the preservation of historic sites, Hawass said.
"We want to protect Egyptian antiquities. We want to protect our values. This is the most important thing," he said.

Hopefully the Ministry will be benefiting from a very strong royalty stream from this new clothing line promoted on the back of the Tutankhamun treasures.

Zeinobia's article is also worth reading because she links to some material in Arabic which I hadn't seen mentioned on English-speaking blogs.  I'm afraid neither my Arabic nor Google Translate is good enough for me to form an opinion, but some of it does make interesting reading.


tim said...

The bag that holds two thirds more antiquities than your average bag!

Patrick said...

The original, fawning article on
reveals that the photo session was held in October last year. It's funny - there was an article on a spoof webpage in February (?) about ZH launching his own line of denim fashion. I'll try to find the page...In the meantime, it's just another example of the guy abandoning any semblance of principles. Pathetic!

Vincent said...

The article is still live:

Honestly Kate, I'd swear you don't read my tweets. :-)

I was interested to recognise the logo from a Cyan game called 'Riven' among Zahi's clothing. Has he also done a deal with the company that created that all time favourite adventure game Myst!?? I can just see it:

Help Zahi protect the museum's treasures from the looting thugs!

How exciting, I can't wait!

On the other hand, it's probably more likely that the website is simply violating Cyan's copyright and is using the image illegally.

Zahi Hawass image:

Riven Logo owned by Cyan:

Tsk tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

The bag does indeed look particularly good! DaveH

Geoff Carter said...

Learning to tie their shoelaces is for advance users of the range.

Patrick said...

BREAKING NEWS: Hawass sentenced:-
Surely he must go now?
...but, as they, say, it's not all over till the fat lady sings, and I ain't heard her yet!!

Patrick said...

Also here, with more details:

Ron Lankshear said...

Seems like "contempt" of court as the SCA did not hand land back to claimant. More political than a crime.

Marianne Luban said...

Looks like Zahi has been sentenced to jail now.

But nothing seems to stick to the teflon-coated Egyptologist and I doubt he'll see the inside of a prison.

Patrick said...

There's an apparently well researched article on the subject in today's New York Times:
In the meantime.Zahi hangs on...

Marianne Luban said...

While a judge anywhere certainly has the power to send an individual to jail for contempt of a court order, it seems odd to me that the judge could have someone removed from his job as the NY Times article claims. I don't know Egyptian law at all, but I doubt a US court would have that authority.

Ron Lankshear said...

Zahi says no jail and stays in job

Decision in the Court Case Against Me | - Zahi Hawass

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