Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, May 22, 2011

The story that examination of this New Kingdom royal mummy from Thebes showed that  she suffered atherosclerosis in two of her three main coronary arteries.  She was (in modern terms) a middle-aged lady in her mid forties - relatively old for Ancient Egypt.

The main reason for carrying the story though is that the Australian has a very good picture of her mummyCorrection: Tim Reid says it is the mmmy of Mahirpre from tomb KV56 in the Valley of the Kings.


tim said...

Hi Kate

The mummy shown is Mahirpre from Valley of kings tomb kv36.

Scrabcake said...

Merytamen was actually Queen Ahmose Merytamen. Probably wife of Amenhotep I.
Sorry, but everyone is referring to her as princess, and while she was king's daughter, she was also King's wife.

Marianne Luban said...

Here is a PDF file with an overview of the tomb of Meryetamun found at Deir el Bahri, although the face of her large outer coffin is actually far more beautiful than it appears in some of the images.

tim said...

I do not think the queen found in DB358 is the subject of this study but rather the screaming princess Ahmose-Meryet-Amun found in DB320?

Having said that the PDF file provided by Marianne is well worth a read.

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