Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, May 27, 2011

Three stories are dominating the Egyptian archaeological landsape:

  1. whether new finds and opening new tombs can revive tourist fortunes
  2. Hawass - inevitably
  3. the findings of the robot inside the Great Pyramid
The robot stuff is certainly interesting, altough far from conclusive but for News from the Valley of the Kings the other stories are more germaine to the focus.  There are good roundups as well. The Independent asks, Can a tomb bring Egyptian tourism back to life? Past Horizons concentrates on the other story in Egypt's Man from the past who insists he has a future.

I had hoped there might be some nice new images to the tombs of Maya or Horemheb which have opened at Saqqara, but I cannot find mich other than the image in the Independent story and similar odd images in equivalent coverage elsewhere.  However, while I was looking I did turn up this photo of the discovery of Horemheb's tomb in the Valley of the Kings


Patrick said...

Rather garbled news report which apparently refers to the destruction of one of the best preserved Amarna/Akhetaten boundary stelae at:>
My scant knowledge of the geography of the area doesn't help: e.g. is Asyut anywhere near Amarna? Also, the fact that the destruction took place FIVE MONTHS AGO looks odd. Let's hope it's a false alarm!

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