Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, May 05, 2011

Margaret Maitland has saved me a job and written a great follow up article on the Tutankhamun trumpets.


Marianne Luban said...

That is one of the best videos ever--love it. My God, that bandsman Tappern was a virtuoso! He got sounds out of those trumpets that are marvelous, gave me goosebumps. "Ghost Music", indeed! BTW, the film scenes are from the movie, "The Egyptian", from the 50's. It's about Akhenaton, his reign, and a physician who gets caught up in royal intrigue. Thanks for posting this video!

Bill Johnson said...

I was completely unaware of these trumpets and the story that follows them. Thank you very much for posting the article. That video is great.

Marianne Luban said...

Speaking of "sounds from the past" here is a site that some will find of interest:

Orlando Mezzabotta is an Italian voice over artist and actor. He has attempted to read a few ancient Egyptian texts aloud but he and I only collaborated on this one so I can only vouch for that. It is the culmination of my years of study of the pronunciation of the Egyptian language. This is Orlando reading the Kamose Stela, where the Theban prince speaks to his counselors about the Hyksos and what he would like to do to them. I had initially told Orlando that we should only do the beginning as that part would not be too difficult to reconstruct with good accuracy. The main reason was that we have a good idea of how the names of the peoples and places mentioned were pronounced. But he liked this text very much and wanted to do the whole thing. So we did it. Mezzabotta is terrific, has a great voice, and has a very good ear for sounds that are not in his native tongue. My only criticism is that I would not have vocalized those gutterals /H/ and /x/ quite as emphatically as he does but he pronounces the /q/ [Semitic qof spoken in the back of the throat] better than I can. Orlando's site tells how to get both the hieroglyphic tex and translation online--and of course the mp3 file of his reading is there.

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