Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, June 02, 2011

There are reports that 14 reliefs were destroyed by dynamite at Amarna about 6 months ago.  This news is unverified and only carried so far by Youm7.


Youm7 (English)
Youm7 (Arabic - translated)
Egyptian Dreams (hint of confirmation by Ministry sources)


It sounds as though this is a conflation of old and new reports.  As Andrea Byrnes reports:

Thanks to EEF's Aayko Eyma for writing to Barry Kemp of the Amarna Project, who has replied to Aayko to say that there are two stelae which have been harmed. He says that Stela S was destroyed [Kate: by dynamite] in 2004 and that Stela Q, already denuded of most of its decorated surface in the early 20th Century, was further damaged more recently. An undecorated section has been removed and Kemp says that although it is assumed that this was by human agency it is unclear how it was done.


tim said...

Very questionable including the 2nd last line which appears to be antisemetic? I would think the first reports should have long since been reported by the antiquities inspector for the site?


Patrick said...

a) Daryout is at least 60km up river from Akhetaten
b) there are no funerary motifs on the Akhetaten boundary stelae
c) no other publication has carried this news
d) with the low credibility rating of all Egyptian sources at the moment, a large pinch of salt is the best recommendation, I would say

Kate Phizackerley said...

Youm7 is also not noted for its reliability. I have had problems with it before during the revolution. This is one of those stories one feels cannot be ignored but as you say a large pinch of salt until better sources come forwards one way or the other.

Thutmose said...

It is always possible that a couple of different incidents have gotten jumbled together or that any number of details are wrong, but there is more than likely a kernal of truth in the story unfortunately. We'll just have to wait on some sort of official confirmation I guess. It was just so hard to say with the mangled translation that I first saw from the Google translation.


Anonymous said...

If true this is very sad and a repeat of 2 - 3 years ago, when one of the boundary stellas was dynamited by locals acting under the extremely ludicrous impression that there may be treasure behind. Cant imagine that this report is true as surely the perpetrators discovered that there was absolutely no treasure and that they would be risking an extremely long time in jail for nothing .and this message would have got around daveh

Anonymous said...

On the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum, Prof. Barry Kemp has confirmed that there is some truth to the story, but not much:
damage has been done to Stela Q, which was already largely defaced since a long time, and no decorated stone has been destroyed in the recent events.

Patrick said...

Full and reassuring (?) article at:

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