Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We all thought that the promotion of Dr Hawass to be Minister of State for Antiquities meant that his former post as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antoquities was defunct and wouldn't be filled.  In a move which had not been telegraphed in the media or by any of those who claim to know the inner workings of the Ministry, according to Almasry Al Youm Dr Hawass has made a surprise appointment of Mohammad Abdel-Moneim to be Secretary General of the SCA.  I cannot locate any official confirmation of the appointment though.

With minimal international profile I have had to rely on media coverage to find out about him.  According to that article his background is in the Sinai and the East Delta which I don't particularly follow and the AL Youm report suggests that "He discovered many excavations along with important archaeological pieces in North Sinai and the East of the Delta." Google isn't particularly helpful. It tells me that Dodi Fayed was actually Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed and there is a Mohamed Abdel Moneim with a profile on a dating site who lives in Giza, is 52, has brown eyes and is 5' 11" tall.  I suspect that isn't the same Mohamed Abdel Moneim but who knows.  There is also a dentist of the same name in Alexandria.  And of course Mohamed Abdel-Moneim El-Sawy is the Minister of Culture.  Perhaps more promising is the Mohammed Abd El Moneim who has written a paper on Knobbed bowls of the Late Predynastic - Early Dynastic Period.

In short, until a biography is issued, or somebody writes a background, I am not sure whether this appointment is good or bad news. There is also the very significant possibility that the news isn't accurate. Although it has appeared in Al Youm, there is no press release on the SCA web site. Blogging about Egyptology definitely has its frustrations at present. I will follow up the story when there are more details either way but I am busy for the next few days with the launch of the first edition of Egyptological and time with my nieces.

Update 6th June  - I can still find no official confirmation of this story and doubt its accuracy


tim said...

Perhaps he is Dr. Hawass' alter ego?

Farley Flavors said...

"Perhaps he is Dr. Hawass' alter ego?"

Hawass has enough ego for two people, that's for sure :o)

Patrick said...

Must be a nephew...

Anonymous said...

No official confirmation yet, but one fact for sure is that the "Mohamed Abdel Moneim" cited is actually Mohammed Abd el-Maqsud, who has been general director of Lower Egypt for some years now, worked intensively in the Sinai and Delta, and is one of Zahi's principal collaborators.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks for that info. I took the name straight from Al Youm and if it was wrong that explains why he seemed to have such a low profile.

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