Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, July 07, 2011

Elizabeth H Owen just contacted me to tell me about a new novel she has written:
I just published a book about what might have happened to Ankhesenamun after Tut's death. It is almost a continuation of a book that I read when I was a little girl called The Lost Queen of Egypt.

The name of my book is THE LOST QUEEN OF ENGLAND. In the novel, Princess Diana did NOT die in the tunnel and goes to Egypt to escape her life. She falls in love with Egypt and decides to stay, eventually becoming an Egyptologist. After discovering a astonishing clue in the desert of Amarna, she lobbies for and is granted permission to dig in the Valley of the Kings. She finally solves the mystery of what happened to Ankhesenamun.
Not my cup of tea at all.  In fact, I hate the concept because I dislike most historical fiction, preferring to keep fact and fiction distinct.  Still, some people are interested in anything connected with Ankhesenamun and, as it is a slow news week, I thought I would pass it on.


tim said...

God Bless Diana!

Marianne Luban said...

And I say God bless Robert Partridge, a long time acquaintance of mine who just died. Bob was the editor of the UK "Ancient Egypt" magazine and a tireless enthusiast for Egyptology. He was also a true gentleman and he will be sorely missed.

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