Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, August 13, 2011

The last post on Dr Hawass' personal blog was now one month ago, of 14th July.  It irritated me at times, and its impartiality was sometimes questionable, but compared to having to rely on FaceBook I almost reminisce and look back on the good old days.  Almost, but not quite of course because while I miss the blog, I don't miss the man.


Anonymous said...

i somehow do not think we have heard the last of him Kate and i am certain he will be back in the spotlight soon! Daveh.

tim said...

Dr. Hawass might better spend his time completing and publishing his various excavations within what time remains of the required publication of excavations within 5 years.

I saw him open queen Sesheshet's sarcophagus, has that discovery been published? Is time running out if the former chief is going to live up to his own standards?

That might mean he has more important things to do and thankfully I am without sentimentality and I miss nothing! :)

Geoff Carter said...

The 'silence' has more of the quality of an ominous ticking . . . .

Stephanie said...

I feel the same way.
It is possible that the new elected government will reanimate the Ministry of Antiquities, then he would have a real chance for a comeback.
But it looks like his time as head of the SCA really is over.

Besides I miss neither the man nor his blog.

Tonight I`ll be watching "Chasing Mummies" and I will thoroughly enjoy the thought that he`s no longer around-
at least for now.

Dennis said...

Kate, looks like he was listening to you. In a new post on his web page, Hawass says he is to busy answering 'ridiculous charges' to update his site. His site is:

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