Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He was listening!  Dr Hawass has updated his blog with a message about what he is up to.

Stylistically I am sure that Dr Hawass has written this himself rather than some other posts which appear to have been written for him.  (I can "hear" how it would sound with him reading it and it matches his oral style.) It's free of braggadocio.  He sounds happy - almost relieved to be free from the responsibility of what had become an impossible job.  I am pleased for him. 

He says he is writing a book about the impact of the revolution on antiquities.  If that trots out the same olf official line which few people believe, then it will be useless propaganda.  But potentially he is the best-placed to write the true story.  If he does, then it could be an explosive best-seller.  We shall have to wait and see.

He also mentions the wall at Giza and personally I think that is probably his greatest achievement.  As well as hopefully improving conditions on the site it also protects the margins from the sort of encroachment seent on other sites. 


Anonymous said...

I would'nt exactly say that his posting is completely free from braggadocia Kate, when he is stating that everyone loves him! He sounds extremely defensive to me and worried about the charges still apparently hanging over him. I was surprised at this as i thought the museum bookshop charges had been resolved. Are there other charges that you are aware of? I know that there had been several allegations of different things when he was head of the SCA and then a minister! Daveh

Anonymous said...

A BBC news item today reports that London's British Museum, and other museums and galleries are England's top visitor attractions.

It recalled a statement on Dr Hawass's blog a few months ago when the Cario Museum was experiencing break-ins and lootings. His opinion was that if London or New York had rioting, their musems would be looted and plundered. It was a reminder that despite serious riots and lootings last week in some areas of London, our national buildings and museums were not harmed. In the aftermath of a dark time, reasons to be cheerful.

Patrick said...

What a load of pompous twaddle!

Anonymous said...

@ Patrick. How accurately you sum up Dr Hawass's comments when he discharged one of his periodic temper tantrums in his blog - the *certainty* that London and New York museums would be looted during any rioting.

Anonymous said...

It is time to stop paying attention to hot air hawass.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why some people seem to have it in for Dr Hawass. Thanks to him Egypt and the world have a clearer understanding about antiquities. Leave him alone he does wonderful work a.nd I hope he continues to do so

Anonymous said...

Anon, are you actually Dr Hawass!

Kate Phizackerley said...

With respect, anybody is entitled to post anonymous comments if they wish PROVIDED they don't use anonymity to attack people. If somebody has something negative to say, it is important, I think, that they put their name to it.

If Anon wishes to be anonymous,then he or she is entitled to do so.

I would also add that opinions on Dr Hawass are varied and one would expect comments to reflect that. Just because somebody feels that Dr Hawass did a good job, doesn't mean that is Dr Hawass speaking. There are many people who feel that. My view, as I have tried to set out, is more nuanced. I think he did good work in terms of site management and kept the unruly mob that is the SCA sort of united, even if they didn't like it. I don't believe his approach to the media has always been helpful, and personally (as a woman perhaps), I dislike the bombastic paternalism we sometimes saw. Others have an entirely negative view of his career. History will ultimately be the judge I guess.

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