Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He says it is an impossible job because he requires the Prime Minister's approval for every decision so nothing happens and because of organised resistance protests from within the SCA.  Not good. Not good at all.

Thanks to Patrick


Anonymous said...

Get Hawass back.Daveh

Egyptian Inspirations said...

Such a shame that in todays world so much red tape and politics intereferes with the goodwill of mankind.

Stephanie said...

It is ridiculous that the head of the SCA needs the prime minister`s backing for every decision. No wonder that two of them already quit their job.

But could it be that those unnecessairy hurdles are only implemented to make a few candidates seem incapable to do this job?
And could it further be that when they get Hawass back as Daveh demands rules like asking for the prime minister`s permission for everything will be dropped to make life easier for him and to make him appear once more like the super hero?
During his time in office Hawass did not have to ask anyone, he was very much his own man.
I may be over-pessimistic but I think this smells a bit of conspiracy.

Ken said...

Might be Stephanie, but it could just as well be the opposite. He quickly figured out how rediculous it was going to be to get anything done and that was why he suddenly went from fighting like mad for the job to proudly going back to private life in the span of a few weeks.


Marianne Luban said...

Now I see the resignation has been declined:

Kate Phizackerley said...

It looks like complete standoff.

I understand the frustrations but as the cabinet will change in a couple of months, why not just soldier on and do the best in difficult circumstances and resign if the new Government is no better?

Stephanie said...

Right you are, Kate, there is certainly no point in repeated changes.
As the issue of his resignation seems to be pending til at least Sunday we can hope that common sense will prevail and that the government will grant him the authority he needs to do this job.

roger hubert said...

Pre-revolutionary ties may yet slow efforts. If anyone new trying to proceed is hammered, the previous crew is close. But would the treasures of the Cairo Museum, Valley of the Kings, and all ancient sites be a heartbeat more secure, or diggings in best hands, if stepping backward? Politics and ego have held sway over ancient Egypt, not the top scientists and Egyptologists right there.
Under new dynamic leadership, the timing of a new tomb discovery could electrify and symbolize a new Egyptian government. But dangerous to open up if there is a stranglehold to Egypt's SCA. The Metropolitan Museum is not controlled by the President, the Army, or Congress. British Museum is not run by the Queen, nor the Louvre by a French parliament. Egypt's ancient world however, has suffered a very narrow tightrope of state control and money siphoning.
The old guard Egypt seems to still hold the keys to all the gates in their pockets. Constant cronyism has kept the face of ancient Egypt from shinning. (That's politics anywhere in the world.) The "Arab Spring" still has an evolving roadmap. The SCA needs be a juggler out of this dark hour. Kate is right, to see what develops. Sandstorms are expected during progress. Ancient Egypt in quiet patience, and the brightest folks of future Egypt given confidence, can both be winners the whole world can embrace. Roger Hubert

Patrick said...

The saga continues at:
- where Abdel Fatah gets some financial satisfaction from the prime minister, and;
- where Egyptian archaeologists demand that the SCA return to its ministerial status, and that elements of the previous régime be eliminated (interesting, that last point)
(From EEF)

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