Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 14, 2011

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The demands are familiar and the numbers reportedly small.


Roger Hubert said...

As we watch Egypt with white knuckles, there is understandably not much ancient Egyptian news possible to report. This important blog of Kate's has covered many perspectives on several issues. The value of this blog means it is being observed by many in Egyptian power. So there may even be concern some of us might be barred to return to Egypt by our comments, depending the outcome of politics.
Though we would of course rather discuss ancient Egyptian politics, religion, and who overthrew who, we must realize current Egyptian history-making will spell the fate of all things ancient. A future that will be able to protect and preserve ancient Egypt, or be decimated.
If Kate awaits outcomes to be able to share accurate information, be it wise these pauses of awaiting.
Let's hope there will be news of Cairo Museum being held safe above the fray during this chapter of transition. That we will one day read right here of those tantalizing chiseled top steps at bedrock near Tutankhamun's tomb, yet lead to royal magnificence and scientific revelation.
Such could embrace the deepest blood-given goals of an Arab Spring across many nations in this turmoil to rise. Armies cannot rule over human dignity. No religions can rule and dictate governing the breadth of human dignity. The world grows smaller. Ancient habits and mindsets may only torture survival of all. If Egypt, as our "cradle of civilization" can rebirth without the same old shackles, and lead her fellow countries a sane path, the planet may get a chance at a new millennium. Roger Hubert

Patrick said...

This is the latest from the museum:
To whom it may concern,Due to the current situation in Egypt, I regret to say that the Registration,Collections Management and Documentation Department (RCMDD)and the curatorial staff of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo will not beaccepting any new requests for object information and images startingfrom 1 December, 2011 until 30 May, 2012. This is due to the hugebacklog that was created following the events of January 28th, as wellas the renovations that are currently happening in the Museum.Information on objects from our collection can still be obtained byaccessing the intranet version of the Museum Database on thecomputers dedicated to scholars in the RCMDD office, located inthe museum basement. The department is open to scholars from9:30 am until 2:00 pm, Sunday-Thursday.Sincerely,Dr. Tarek El AwadyGeneral Director,The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

One wonders what 'the present situation in Egypt' has to do with the internal workings of the museum, but anyway, maybe this will give them a chance to catalogua properly all the stuff they've got and sort out their website.
In the meantime, congratulations to the brave people of Egypt who have gambled sao heavily on their own freedom. May Ra be kind to them from now on!

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