Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seattlepi has further news of the new find in the Valley of the Kings

Boraiq told The Associated Press that the coffin of the female singer is remarkably intact.
He said that when the coffin is opened this week, archaeologists will likely find a mummy and a cartonnage mask molded to her face and made from layers of linen and plaster.
The singer's name, Nehmes Bastet, means she was believed to be protected by the feline deity Bastet.

My thanks to Andie Byrnes for the link.


Geoff Carter said...

Wow - it has actually happened!
Much later burial than might be expected in VOC.
I don't think there are any pictures yet

Anonymous said...

Not really: there are several precedents for TIP burials in abandoned tombs. Loret found such a burial in KV34 and Belzoni in the West Valley (WV25) among others. CJB

Ken said...

What are the chances she might have been buried with some manner of a song or musical notation! If so I would forgive that it isn't an 18th dynasty find...

Anonymous said...

She might even be de-composing!

Patrick said...

Latest reports from Basel indicate the strong possibility of an 18th Dyn. burial in the rubble under Nehmes Bastet.

Anonymous said...

This isn't surprising as other TIP burials produced similar finds. The interest will be in seeing if the identity of the original owner can be established. CJB

Anonymous said...

TIP re-use of KV tombs.
These notes may be useful:-
WV25 8 mummies in 2 rows found by Belzoni.
KV19 2 mummies found by Belzoni
KV34 "Several" mummies in two rooms to left of burial chamber found by Loret.
WV22 Remains of TIP burial(s) found by Carter.
KV44 3 mummies
KV45 22nd Dynasty destoyed by rainwater: Carter. Remains of 4 individuals noted in Ryan's re-clearance.
KV48 Possible TIP burial remains noted by Davis.
There may be more! CJB

Marianne Luban said...

The skuttle is now that the tomb really is 18th Dynasty and a black coffin, not in that first photo, was found.

Anonymous said...

Skuttle: that's a term I haven't heard in years since I knew someone who worked for Reuters, nice to hear an old phrase in use. The info. is interesting as from what reports I have read regarding the TIP re-use of these tombs suggests the use of brightly painted/decorated cartonnage cases. The black coffin sounds like some of those found in KV63. As Alice said: curioser and curioser. CJB

Stephanie said...

This report
states that only one coffin has been found and this one coffin is black and is dated to the 22nd dynasty.
The top half of the coffin appears to be light brown in the picture but this might be some coating or simply dust.
There are unfortunately so far no indications that a second coffin has been found.

Anonymous said...

There is the same photo on various news websites: one coffin with splits running lengthways along the lid. Is there any truth in the reports that the contents have already been seen? CJB

Kate Phizackerley said...

I've seen a report which suggests the sarcophagus was opened but not sure whether the coffin was too. I will be on the laptop late on this evening and intend catching up on everything.

Anonymous said...

That may be people mixing up the two words. I was hoping that now the tomb is public knowledge there would be regular press releases which would keep us informed and stop speculation. Oh well, next time perhaps! CJB

Anonymous said...

I take back my last comments completely. I managed to gain access to the Basel University report posted by Stephanie. This clarifies everything. Brilliant! CJB


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