Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, January 20, 2012

Dr Hawass has updated his blog.  It's mostly a personal post - and good to see him writing for his blog.  Other than some recent ill health, he seems to be content.

He did, however, slip in one piece of real news I have not seen covered elsewhere (my emphasis):

I talked to them about what happened at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo during the Revolution, and how the young people protected the Museum with their bodies.  Although one piece that was stolen, an 18.5 cm statuette of the cat-goddess Bastet, has been returned to the Museum recently, we are still missing around 28 objects. Most of them are bronze statuettes dated to the Late Period (about 500 B.C.).
He is also writing a book about antiquities and the revolution, which will be published in English and Arabic.  That may tell us things about that happened that have not appeared in print before.


Nicole Hansen said...

Of course it was covered elsewhere! Do you think Zahi is still announcing the news? This was all over the Egyptian press on January 9. He just read the newspapers...

Anonymous said...

Its nice to know in a way that he's not setting the agenda any-more and has to wait for his news from others, just like us!

Kate Phizackerley said...

It might have been in the Egyptian news, but I haven't seen in the Egyptology news - maybe I missed it.


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