Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, March 04, 2012

An inscription of an (almost) unknown king of the 17th Dynasty has been found in the Temple of Karnak by a team working in the Temple of Ptah.  His name is  Senakht-en-Re and this is the first mention of him found in Egypt, although there were some Greek mentions of him apparently.  This has implications for the chronology. For a king to be unknown also suggests his tomb remains to be discovered.

My thanks to Andrea Byrnes for a better link that Luxor Times.


Marianne Luban said...

I have him here in the kinglist in Hannig's Egyptian dictionary. He's Senakhtenra Tao I, evidently the predecessor of Seqenenra Tao II, the man who battled the Hyksos and whose mummy evidences the horrible wounds in the skull.

Ken said...


Any idea where his mummy was found?


Marianne Luban said...

The mummy of Tao II was discovered in the Deir el Bahari cache, but the whereabouts of the mummy of Tao I is unknown.

Marianne Luban said...

Oh--I forgot to mention--it's possible the tomb of Tao I can still be found. It was mentioned in the Papyrus Abbott, which is a lengthy report by a royal commission sent by Ramesses IX to assess the situation in the Valley of the Kings and that of the Queens. The tombs of the Taos were found to remain intact but obviously the one of the second had been entered if the mummy was deposited in the cache in the reign of a subsequent dynasty.

abercrombie said...

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