Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, June 11, 2012

She also says Tutankhamun's tomb is in the basement so not sure the credibility factor is high!


Ron Lankshear said...

Poor Shirley - she really has strange beliefs. I see the dog that howled is mentioned so is the dog the ghost?
But what does she mean about the tomb being moved to Highclere? I guess some of the findings are there but the whole tomb.
I wonder why she took the part in such a risky place?

Kate Phizackerley said...

I didn't believe anything from the tomb remained at Highclere so that is odd too. The odds and ends which Lord Carnarvon somehow acquired ended up in the NY Met and have just been returned to Cairo.

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Kate, Ron.

My family and ivisited Highclere and can confirm that they have reproduced the discovery of the tomb of Tut and the wall paintings too. it is set up so that you may experience the discovery for yourself. It is of course in the cellar area.

With regards items collected by Carnarvon he collected many small and seemingly insignificant items. They DO NOT display any offical items, but have reproduced a significant deal for visitors to see and touch.

The dog story is one which you hear if you pay seperately for a tour of the castle/ house. Whether true or not there are no ghostly dogs running around that we saw.

Pictures fall of walls in my house too- and it was built in 1975. Tut curse helps to "sell" a story to a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

what a pile of crap. Surely you debase yourself and your reputation by reporting on an aging star who is desperately trying to glean whatever publicity she can before she meets her maker.

Facts only please otherwise we will all be swamped by the vultures who eat up such reubbish.


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