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I had hoped to get to Madrid earlier in the year but didn't because my travelling companion was unwell.  I was looking forward to seeing the Temple of Debod. Le temple de Debod (Madrid) The Temple was one of those inundated by the completion of the Aswan Dam and was gifted to Spain by the Egyptian Government as a thankyou for her efforts in rescuing the Nubian Temples. (Of course, had the Egyptian Government not approved the dam no rescue would have been required.) The temple now stands in a park in the centre of Madrid, although it is clear from the pictures that only the most significant stonework was rescued. Although it has been documented before, apparently the publication was incomplete in some regards and is now difficult to obtain. The 20th Century was also far from kind to the temple. Anyway, Dr. Francisco J. Valentin Martín has re-recorded the temple and published new translations and transliterations of the inscriptions. Image: Dalbera via Creative Commons and Flickr


kick splinter said...

Dear Kate
I visited this temple last Wednesday in Madrid.
Although the temple is smaller in size it does appear entirely built in traditional style.
The temple itself is on the upper floor a beautiful exposition explaining through slide presentations and model building. It also tells about the area where the temple once stood.
Although free entrance is the temple well guarded. Unfortunately there was no brochure available in the English language.
Kick Splinter, Amsterdam

Kate Phizackerley said...

Lucky you! I keep thinking I should write it up for Egyptological.

You might like the latest images from Alexander I posted up. I don’t suppose you have any photographs of the temple by day which we could post too? That would be great.

Best wishes
Kate (Replace that = with an @)


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