Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, September 24, 2012

The latest album on Egyptological is a quartet of four photographs of the Temple of Debod at night taken by reader, Alexander Scharnweber and copyright to him.  My thanks to Alexander.  Do check out the other three images on Egyptological!


Anonymous said...

cant seem to find the correct place to post so i will put it here. 1. when the dna testing and x rays of kv21Awas done: do we know the cause of death of Ankhensenamum? 2. They provide an age range from 25-40 which fits what we know. 3. Yes there is the newberry ring; but we have no additional information as to whether she did in fact marry Aye.

4. Could she not have ruled egypt alone without a husband?

5. I can't find any comments by Belzoni on his discovery of the two mummies kv21a and b as to writen seals etc that might have given us some identifyable information.

If anyone has any comments on these matters I would sincerely appreciate it. thanks


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