Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, December 14, 2012

Kate and Andrea are very sad to announce that Egyptological will be unavailable for the forseeable future.  It has been targeted by a professional hacking group as part of an onslaught on Egypt-related web sites during the current unrest in Egypt.

Although we have been in negotiations with the hackers, which seemed to be going well, they have now announced their intention of resuming hostilities against us.  They apparently see Egyptology sites such as ours as representing a form of political threat.

Until we have been able to assess the level of damage inflicted upon our backup solution, and have been able to devise a new strategy for the future security of Egyptological, our site will remain unavailable.  We do not expect it to be recovered until the end of January.

Please be aware, however, that we are fully committed to restoring Egyptological to its former state, together with the latest unpublished edition of the Magazine, and we are investigating the possibility of publishing a temporary archive at an earlier date.

We recommend that anyone with similar web sites should upgrade their own security arrangements, as you may now be interpreted as representing a political or religious affiliation.

Kind regards from both of us

Andrea Byrnes and Kate Phizackerley

(PS sorry about the format. Copy and paste issue.)


Anonymous said...

I am completely incredulous as to why Egyptological should be so targeted as it has no political or religious affiliations at all. Its sole aim is to throw light onto Egypts fabulous ancient past.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate and Andie
All forms of free thinking are not tolerated under certain religions
and unfortunagtely that is the way that present day egypt is heading.
What a sad end for a great country that lead the ancient world in wealth, health, women's rights and the production of magnificient momuments and crafts.
KMT Scribe

ellie rose said...

this is devastating news and so heartbreaking for you both. I weep for Egypt and everybody I know there. and for everybody who loves the land, the people and the remains of its great past. and for you guys and the work you love. may peace be restored.

Gunboat_willie said...

You should perhaps PDF as much of your material as possible and make it available as a Torrent. They won't be able to shut you down then. Screw them and their backward thinking ideals.

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