Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, January 17, 2013

Following on from the problems at Egyptological I have taken the reluctant decision to close this blog as well for the foreseeable future.  Many thanks for your support over the years.


Vincent said...

That's sad new Kate. I don't understand though, this blog is hosted by Blogger, are you being hacked here too?

Anonymous said...

I will miss this greatly. I hope you will reconsider when things calm down.

monika said...

That`s really a great loss, first egyptology news blog and now this one too. I understand though the recent difficulties have been too much and I do hope that things will get better some time.
Thanks Kate for all the hard work and the interesting posts which were often followed by lively discussions.
I`m sure they will be missed not only by me but many others as well.

Amun-Ra said...

Kate, should other Egyptology bloggers be worried for being hacked too?

Roger said...

Kate - don't leave us this way !

Your audience deserves more info.


Please, please come back if you can.


Anonymous said...

Good people seeking knowledge do not deserve this. Definitely the bad guys do not deserve this at all. Those who seek and give knowledge do it against all odds. I hope you would reconsider. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is not so surprising that an objective, factual site with a scientific approach should have been thus hacked-at and thrown so much off balance. The enemies have just shown themselves. I believe there are still quite a few battles to be fought - and won - against many entrenched powers, and that they must be identified early on, to let the public know where the lines are drawn.
My candidates for the villains of the play are several, most of them well known, but it probably helps to re-state a few of them here:
- 1. Dogmatic Interests, not only “religious” who reject secular evidence, but also “secular” who reject anything not written in their own Holy Scripts (previously published experts' opinion)
- 2. Fringe theorists, not only “alien civilization” promoters, but also lovers of esoteric interpretations of ancient facts who are delighted by new fanciful but unscientific theories of nature
- 3. Unimaginative purists who believe all theories must be based only on “proven hard evidence”, and reject the need to formulate different unorthodox explanations, even when they can be made to fit the established facts
- 4. Circular theorists, close to the Marxist or Freudian dialectic reasoning schools, who cannot consider the falsifiability of a proposition as a valid criterion for acceptability and thus reject the scientific method if it hurts cherished notions, but proclaim that they are the ones “making” science
- 5. Erudites who follow (mostly) a "majority rule" concerning the acceptability of any proposition which is supported by enough publications by one or another of a group of "acceptable" experts, and the rejection of it if the group contains a proportion of "unacceptable" authors, as well as if the supporting publications do not seem wide enough.
No doubt there are other villains to be identified, but these five characterize the groups I have come upon, and any of them would certainly be motivated enough to resort to hacking if it seemed necessary. Perhaps a new objective blog site could be reformulated, based on explicit rejection of these five undesirable prototypes (and maybe a few others)

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